6 hours of education.

Many accidents are caused by improper load coupling and the use of worn and improper lifting gear. We highlight the laws, regulations and standards that apply to safe lifting. Many experiences and events from reality will emphasize the importance of using lifting gear correctly and the importance of assessing the conditionu00a0of lifting gear.

After the course, participants will know what legislation applies, how to define and class lifting gear, what crash limits apply and how the tools are used best in practice.

Important points in the education:

  • Laws, regulations and norms
  • Responsibilities and obligations as load switches
  • Safe coupling with existing lifting gear type; Chain, steel rods, circular, tire magnets, hoist, shackle, hoist looms, pallet forks, blocks and figures etc.
  • Safe use of simple turntable with telfer, light profile traverser.
  • Identify approved lifting gear
  • Lift angles, center of gravity, max loads
  • Daily inspection before using lifting gear
  • Inspection & Continuous supervision of lifting gear
  • Car Lift
  • Theoretical test

The education provides documented knowledge regarding the use of lifting gear according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's requirements AFS 2206: 6.

Each approved participant receives a diploma