Traverse driver training with certification. Internal business training tailored to the needs of the company.

Every year, many people die or gets injured because of lifting devices. With knowledge and safety thinking, accidents can be prevented.Through an education where the traverse driver learns to be risk conscious and has documented knowledge about the use, contributes to a safer workplace.

After the course, participants will know what legislation applies, how to define and class lifting equipment and lifting devices, which crash standards apply to how to use lifting devices and lifting gear safely in practice. Obtain documented theoretical and practical knowledge.

1.5u00a0days training.

Key points of the content:

  • Responsibilities and obligations as traverses.
  • What laws, regulations and regulations apply to the use of lifting devices?
  • Safe use of lifting device; Planning, maneuvering and driving techniques.
  • Driver's communication with load switch and signalman.
  • Lift angles, weight distribution, center of gravity and max loads.
  • Evaluation of fitness on various types of lifting devices.
  • Safe coupling of lifting gear.
  • Own control of lifting devices, hoisting equipment and protective devices, etc.
  • Many tragic events are analyzed and discussed as warning examples.
  • Theoretical written exam.
  • Practical test; Handle live power-driving techniques, plan the lift, and load switching.

In the case of approved tests, participantsu00a0will receive driver's license.