This course is aimed at people working and staying in a fall hazard environment, focusing on the correct use of fall protection equipment and anchorage points. Focus is on working safely on roof tops and buildings. Safe anchoring points and evacuation.

The company caters for its employees with education and knowledge according to AFS 2001: 3, 2001: 1,1993: 3. Participants should be able to use fall protection belts after the course, carry out a self-inspection of the equipment, and have a theoretical and practical knowledge of approved anchoring points. As well as being able to carry out evacuation.


  • Laws and norms CE and EN labelling
  • Terminology
  • materials science
  • Risk analysis, rescue plan
  • What can be used as anchorage point


  • Proper use of PPE/personal protective equipment.
  • Self-evacuation
  • Intervention, passive/active rescue

Course duration: one day